About Yashi

Yashi is a pioneer in the online video advertising industry, and we pride ourselves on helping businesses achieve their digital advertising goals, driving incredible results for our advertising, publishing, and agency partners. Yashi takes the best aspects of television – sight, sound, and motion – and adds the interactivity, intuition, and viewability metrics of the Internet. We are partnered with thousands of companies ranging from online and mobile publishers, to advertisers and agencies. Yashi continues to grow at an unprecedented pace.

Our Mission

Yashi’s mission is to use location as its primary signal in targeting and measuring programmatic online video advertising. Our technology targets geographic location down to precise latitude and longitude, identifying geographic pockets of performance and optimizing customers’ media investments accordingly to ensure the best results. Yashi ensures brand safety, provides third party fraud detection, and offers viewability metrics to monitor the integrity of its ad campaigns. Yashi’s emphasis on transparency and programmatic hyperlocality offers customers the ability to customize ad campaigns that are both efficient and effective.