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Enhance Your Social Media Strategy

07/11/2014 | Ali Askinas

Social media has grown exponentially since its inception. As a result, we live in a society where people are completely engulfed in their social media accounts. Believe it or not, social technology started with e-mail in 1971, but has quickly grown from a one-course meal into a digital buffet. In th...

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How to Avoid Blowing a Fuse at Work

07/8/2014 | Brielle Sneed

Challenges are inevitable. If you don’t encounter at least one obstacle in your life, you aren’t doing it right. Whether your to-do list feels impossible to accomplish or your work relationships are a little rocky, these tips will undoubtedly help you survive a rough week at work!...

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The Importance of Scrubbing

06/30/2014 | Amanda Friedman

While it’s important to shower before work, I’m not here to talk to you about your hygiene habits. Prospecting is the key to your success as an advertising network. Here at Yashi, we like to call prospecting “scrubbing”, after the process of cleaning them up to use to our benefit....

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3 Things Your Business Can Learn From the Costa Rican Soccer Team

06/24/2014 | Cyrus Siganporia

On June 14, 2014, the world watched in awe as the underestimated Costa Rican team defeated their more famous Uruguayan opponents 3-1. Most of the talk before the match was about how Uruguay, even without their star striker, Luis Suarez, would ease past Costa Rica and move on to “tougher” opposition...

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WTF is a DSP?

06/19/2014 | Devan Marotta

When I first joined Yashi, our CEO created an initiation plan for me to join the sales force: explain to my grandmother what Yashi does in terms that she can understand. Seven months later, and she still doesn’t understand the concept of a DSP, let alone any of the many other features of our platfor...

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Guarantee Rockin' Customer Service

06/19/2014 | Brielle Sneed

Maintaining great customer service is essential in any business. Each and every customer should leave your business elated, as if they were in the audience during one of Oprah’s Favorite Things episodes. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Occasionally, an unsatisfied customer will blow a fu...

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The Secret to Productivity

06/4/2014 | Mark O'Reilly

Any college student who balances classes and a job knows that it can be a lot to handle. As someone with experience in the matter, I’ve taken note of a few important things that can help you maximize productivity and maintain your grip on both class and work: 1. Allocate specific times for lectures...

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3 Reasons Why You Need Yashi’s Demand Side Platform

06/3/2014 | Cyrus Siganporia

“We know what we are, but know not what we may be” – William Shakespeare. Always one for a good quote, Willie Shakespeare made a great point here. It’s easy to get comfortable with who you are and fail to realize the success that you could have. Advertising in the 90’s was simple: create a cheesy vi...

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Online Video & Rich Media Now Drive Direct Response

05/28/2014 | Devan Marotta

According to a recent report by eMarketer, US retail is maintaining its position as ad spend leader in paid digital media. US retailers are projected to spend $11.05 billion in 2014, with projections rising to $17.39 billion by 2018. This 12.8% compound annual growth rate between 2013 and 2018 marks...

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Is "Internet Fast Lane" a Cause for Alarm?

05/19/2014 | Devan Marotta

Yesterday, the Federal Communications Commission approved a proposal that will allow companies that deliver content over the internet, like Netflix and Hulu, to pay internet service providers (ISP’s) for direct access to customers on a given network. Essentially, this proposal will create a type of...

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