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The Art of Balancing Numerous Jobs

10/17/2014 | Brielle Sneed

Having a full-time job is tough. Having a full-time job and multiple part-time jobs is even tougher. Balancing multiple jobs isn’t something new; plenty of people have part-time gigs outside of their regular 9 to 5. After leaving my home here at Yashi on Fridays, I head over to my part-time job over...

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Yashi's Frequently Asked Questions: Part 2

10/15/2014 | Ali Askinas

The first thing I was taught when I started working at Yashi was to never stop asking questions because they are the building blocks of knowledge. Since Ad Tech was so new to me at the time, my questions were abundant. Now, so too is the knowledge that I have about the industry. The only thing bette...

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A Whole Lotta Hoopla: Motivate Your Sales Team With Gamification

10/13/2014 | Amanda Friedman

Everyone has a competitive streak; it’s fun to win! When you enter the business world, you may sometimes have to put aside the competitiveness that may have driven you through any sport you played (or for you extremists, any activity) for the betterment of the team. But that’s not always the case. W...

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How to Set up MongoDB in Memory

10/6/2014 | Elliot Diaz

MongoDB is a flexible, easy to use NoSQL database designed for scaling and performance. Although it is optimized for large amounts of read/writes, it is still limited to the performance of the storage device it is stored in....

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Why Your Company's Website Needs a Responsive Design

10/3/2014 | Brian Zerfass

The internet has become an integral part of our lives, and with the growth smartphones and tablet devices, its usage will only continue to climb. In 2012, mobile devices accounted for 18.38% of website traffic. A year later, that number jumped to 26.79%. In order to embrace the continuous change fro...

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Master the Art of Email: Say Yes to Yesware

09/29/2014 | Amanda Friedman

Thanks to read receipts, one of the iPhone’s best features, we’ve become accustomed to knowing when our friends are reading, and sometimes even ignoring our texts. Diving into the world of Sales and sending out countless emails a day led me to a thought that really solidified my place as a Millennia...

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How to Meet Your End of Quarter Goals

09/26/2014 | Brielle Sneed

If there’s one thing that I’m good at, it’s turning “boo-boo’s” into “win-win’s”. Okay, that was an awful metaphor, but you get the point. As the self-proclaimed Olivia Pope of AdTech, I’ve grown accustomed to tackling challenges as they present themselves and churning out an even better outcome. T...

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Maximize Your Company’s Media Exposure

09/18/2014 | Brielle Sneed

You’ve got a company that’s killing it and a product that can’t be beat, so why doesn’t anybody know who you are? Getting press early on is a difficult task, but you’ve got to start somewhere. When you don’t have an existing portfolio of media coverage to flaunt to potential news outlets, getting yo...

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How to Go Viral (with CMS)

09/17/2014 | Brian Zerfass

So you have an idea for a website that is going to make you rich and famous, right? Where do you go from there? What do you do to make your idea a reality? The answer to your questions is to start using a Content Management System and hit the ground running....

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How to Avoid a Career Crisis

09/12/2014 | Amanda Friedman

You try to prepare for the rest of your life, for your whole life. Throughout the countless career dreams of my youth (brain surgeon, teacher, fashion journalist, professional cheerleader, the next Beyonce… all very obtainable things), every career idea came with a different path to follow and I cou...

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