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Jimmy Fallon's Secrets to Success

12/19/2014 | Brielle Sneed

In the land of entertainment, Jimmy Fallon is king - especially when it comes to late night television. As America’s favorite guy-next-door, the country watched as he burst onto the scene as a fresh-faced cast member of the wildly popular Saturday Night Live and cheered him on when he eventually inh...

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The Best Resources for Learning CSS

12/18/2014 | Brian Zerfass

A lot goes into making a good website. In order to design a site that is relevant and engaging, you need to know HTML, PHP, and JavaScript at the very least. If you want to not only increase traffic, but increase the time that people spend on your site, you should add CSS to that list. While HTML is...

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How to Stop Wasting Your Power Years

12/10/2014 | Jenna Gaudio

I checked the clock for the third time in ten minutes, even though the end of my relatively short work day was still hours away. I constantly felt restless and unfulfilled. I knew what I wanted out of life, but three things were holding me back from making a change: 1.) The comfort of a safe job, 2....

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The Best Resources for Learning JavaScript

12/1/2014 | Brian Zerfass

Just like PHP, JavaScript is important for any web developer to know. Javascript is an object-oriented programming language that is used mostly for design and interactive effects on websites. When implemented into a website, it allows client-side scripts to interact with the user for real-time and d...

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What the Ad Tech Industry Is Thankful for This Year

11/26/2014 | Brielle Sneed

Ah, Turkey Day: home of great sports, great parades, great people, and most importantly great food. It’s a great day to sit back and be grateful for all of the opportunities you have in life, as well as the people and circumstances that make those opportunities possible. It’s a time to take stock of...

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How to Make the Most of Your Small Business Saturday

11/24/2014 | Ali Askinas

November is home to two of the biggest days of the year for retailers. Black Friday and Cyber Monday have revolutionized the way people shop for the holidays, and the influence that the two days have is only expanding. This year, many stores will even open their doors early on Thursday to entice con...

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Face Time vs. FaceTime: Communication in the Digital Age

11/18/2014 | Amanda Friedman

I’m a talker; it’s in my blood. I am the child of two parents who always got in trouble at school for talking too much, and I followed right in their footsteps. I said my first words at a really young age, and I pride myself on being able to carry a conversation with pretty much anyone I meet. That’...

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The Best Resources for Learning PHP

11/13/2014 | Brian Zerfass

Interested in becoming a web developer and knowing the ins and outs of all things web? If so, it is important to have a working knowledge of PHP. Luckily, PHP is open source, and widely known, so it’s easy to pick up and learn. There is a lot of documentation and tons of tutorials throughout the web...

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What Jay Z Taught Me about Business

11/6/2014 | Amanda Friedman

There’s no denying that Shawn Carter is the most successful rapper, if not entertainer in the world right now. If that’s not enough, at this point he’s even more highly regarded for his entrepreneurship than his music. Better known as Jay Z, he has a presence that commands respect and his music has...

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The Benefits of Using PHP in Web Development

10/22/2014 | Brian Zerfass

With the Internet recently reaching over a billion websites, the web continues to become our main source of absorbing content – from leisure to business and everywhere in between. With that being said, websites have become less static and more dynamic, and PHP makes it easy to develop websites that...

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