What the heck is a supply side platform? In a world full of acronyms, it can be difficult to keep up with the exceptionally quick WPM typing speed of millennials. But it's not all words they're typing. With the rise of text messaging and widespread ownership of portable smart devices, shortcuts are commonly used. An entire conversation can take place with just a few letters.

We've come a long way from "LOL" and "BRB," especially in the ad tech universe. Very often, new acronyms are introduced to the industry; whether for tracking viewability or monitoring human interaction, there's an abbreviation for everything. Check out this list of acronyms in ad tech that we frequently stumble upon.


Application Programming Interface; a set of tools and routines for building software applications and specifies how the components should interact.


Above The Fold; the section of a web page that is visible in a browser window when the page first loads. This portion is considered prime real-estate on the page and is automatically viewable without having to scroll down.


Audible Visible On Completion; the ad played to completion and was both visible on-screen and sound was on for the entire duration of the ad play.


Bunch of Browsers; browsers are the means in which we view the web. Popular browsers include Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox.


Cost Per Acquisition; the price paid when a user completes a specific action.


Cost Per Click; the price the advertiser pays the publisher when an ad is clicked.


Cost Per Engagement; the amount an advertiser pays for each consumer interaction (ex: click, share, like, or any other native action).


Connected TV; refers to any TV that can be connected to the Internet and access content beyond what is available via the normal offering from a cable provider.


Cost Per Thousand; an advertiser pays a pre-established price each time their ad makes 1000 impressions on a website.


Click To Play; a feature where a user must click on an advertisement before that specific content is played. The alternative is Autoplay.


Customer Relationship Management; software that helps a company manage customer relationships in an organized way.


Click Through Rate; a ratio that measures the success of online advertising by dividing the number of clicks on a web page or ad by the number of impressions.


Dynamic Creative Optimization; allows the advertisers to edit and optimize creatives in real-time.

Deal ID

Deal Identification; a piece of code containing the agreed-upon terms between an advertiser and publisher that allows the advertiser to access the publisher’s inventory.


Designated Market Area; the geographic area the advertiser wants to target consumers.


Data Management Platform; a “data warehouse” used to house and manage cookie IDs and to generate audience segments, which are then used to target specific users with online ads.


Demand Side Platform; a technology platform allowing buyers (advertisers or agencies) to plan, target, execute, optimize, and analyze digital media plans.


Effective Cost Per Thousand (CPM); the weighted advertising revenue generated per 1000 impressions, which can be calculated by dividing total earnings by the number of impressions times 1000.


Mobile Rich Ad Interface Definition; the Interactive Advertising Bureau (“IAB”), its members and other significant contributors joined together to create this document, a standard interface specification for mobile rich media ads. The goal of the MRAID project is to address known interoperability issues between publisher mobile applications, different ad servers and different rich media platforms.

Fixed CPM

A CPM rate that remains constant and is guaranteed by an ad partner for every 1,000 impressions that are sent.


Human, Audible & Fully On-Screen [for at least half of duration (15 seconds)]; the number and percentage of measurable impressions where the sound was on and the ad was visible 100% on-screen for half the duration of the ad.


Interactive Advertising Bureau; a non-profit trade association that is devoted to maximizing the use and effectiveness of interactive advertising and marketing.


Insertion Order; the order or contract drawn up by the seller that governs a digital buy, which defines all terms by which the businesses will operate.


Invalid Traffic; non-human traffic, this is the result of an ad not reaching a real person.


Key Performance Indicator; a set of quantifiable values that a company or industry uses to gauge or measure performance. Account executives will gauge a client’s KPIs for a particular campaign before recommending targeting strategies that will help them reach their goals.

O & O

Owned and Operated; aggregated ecosystems with billions of impressions available from their users across devices and geographies. They have access to user data that third-parties can’t get.


Private Marketplace; an invite-only marketplace where high-quality publishers offer their ad inventory to a preselected group of advertisers.


Point Of Contact; a person or team to consult for information regarding a specific topic/initiative.

Programmatic RTB

Real-Time Bidding; the automated process of buying digital media through an ad exchange or platform. Inventory is secured through a bid-per-impression basis.


Request For Proposal; a request for a pricing proposal in order to determine efficient vendors for a particular agency’s campaign.


Real-Time Bidding; the purchase and sale of ads through computer-run auctions that happen within milliseconds.


Run Of Network; the scheduling of Internet advertising whereby an ad network positions ads across the sites it represents at its own discretion.


Run Of Site; the scheduling of Internet advertising whereby ads run across an entire site, often at a lower cost to the advertiser than the purchase of specific site subsections.


Software As A Service; a software licensing and delivery model in which software is licensed on a subscription basis and is centrally hosted.


Share Of Voice; the amount of publisher inventory that is controlled by their ad campaign during it’s flight. With higher % SOV comes higher control.


Supply-Side Platform; a technology platform used by publishers to manage their yield and adjust floor pricing for inventory.


User Interface; the visual design by which a user interacts with a computer system/software/device.


User Experience; the process of enhancing customer satisfaction by improving the ease of use provided in the interaction between the customer and the product.


Video Ad Serving Template; a specification released by the IAB that sets a standard of requirements for video advertisements.


Video Player Ad Interface Definition; allows a rich interactive user experience with in stream video ads. Not only does it provide a deeper experience for the user than VAST, but it captures and reports how the user interacts.


View-Through Rate; a ratio that measures the number of visitors who viewed through the entire ad.

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