Along with being the third largest retail holiday in the U.S. and a day to show appreciation towards moms everywhere (shouldn’t that be every day, anyway?), Mother’s Day provides a unique advertising opportunity for brands to boost sales and strengthen their emotional connection with customers. According to Fundivo, the spending power on Mother’s Day reached a total of $21.2 billion dollars in 2015, and will continue to climb this year.

Not blind to the shopping trend, advertisers are pulling out all the stops to capitalize on the big day. InternetRetailer reports that Mother’s Day shoppers historically begin their search weeks in advance, with clicks on Mother’s Day items doubling in the week leading up to the big day.

Since we’re big fans of clever ads, here are three of the most successful video ad campaigns ever centered around Mother’s Day.

World’s Toughest Job

Queens of multitasking; masters of getting things done. Sometimes it’s hard to fully understand just how hard moms work. American Greetings Cardstore set the record straight with their award-winning “World’s Toughest Job” Mother’s Day campaign. As seen in their video ad below, an actor interviews unknowing candidates for a fake position of “Director of Operations” that comes with a laundry list of seemingly impossible requirements. A 24-7 job that is completely pro bono, requires excess mobility, and a larger workload on holidays and weekends. While interviewers found the job description to be cruel and inhumane, they were deeply touched when they found the people who hold this “position” are actually moms.

The Mother’s Day ad quickly went viral with over 25M views and continues to be widely shared, a full two years after it debuted. The earned media effort for the World’s Toughest Job campaign increased American Greetings Cardstore orders by 20% and met the company’s sales goal for the entire year. This well thought out and emotionally driven video ad campaign took Mother’s Day marketing to the next level and proved to be a winner for American Greetings Cardstore.

The Unique Thank You

Widely recognized for their charm bracelets, Pandora launched their 2016 Mother’s Day campaign “The Unique Thank You” that recognizes the deep connection between mothers and daughters. As seen in the video below, different moms walk into a room filled with various quotes and try to identify their own daughter’s unique message.

Instead of placing the Pandora jewelry on display, the ad opts for subtle product placement where mothers and daughters hug or hold hands after finding their message. With over a million views and counting, Pandora effectively targets Mother’s and Daughters for a memorable Mother's Day campaign.

Breakfast in Bed

The British grocery and general merchandise retailer, Tesco recently launched their 2016 Mother’s Day ad that shows kids preparing a special breakfast for their moms. Ideally using products that could be purchased at Tesco, the retailer offered additional childproof Mother’s Day breakfast recipes on their website.

Tesco’s Mother’s Day video decided to focus on children under the age of 10 and has gained over 700k views and counting. Other top brands like AT&T, Crest, and Nationwide understand the value of featuring kids in an ad campaign. Psychology Today explains that effective advertisements take products and place them next to objects consumers already feel good about. So it only makes sense that seeing Tesco’s products next to adorable children, would influence mothers to pick Tesco’s when grocery shopping.

As seen in the campaigns above, Mother’s Day provides a perfect opportunity for brands to build customer relationships and boost holiday sales. Online shopping especially has grown in popularity when it comes to researching and purchasing Mother’s Day gifts. In 2015, one-third of shoppers used their smartphones to buy Mother’s Day presents and it’s predicted that 3 in 10 shoppers will buy their gifts online this year.

With such high spending power around one holiday, it’s important for advertisers to reach their ideal customers at the right time. Yashi’s Demand Side Platform (DSP) provides the targeting technology to do just that. With functionalities like geotargeting, behavioral targeting and dayparting, advertisers would be able to reach family members around the time they’d be shopping for Mother’s Day gifts.

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