Do you want to increase your company’s efficiency with agile development? Lean methodology can help you do that effectively for less.

Lean methodology helps maximize customer value with fewer resources. All types of businesses, from healthcare to government, can benefit from lean. According to, “Lean changes the focus of management from optimizing separate technologies, assets, and vertical departments to optimizing the flow of products and services through entire value streams that flow horizontally across technologies.” Still a little confused on how it can help your business? That’s where we come in.

Yashi is excited to be a part of Launch NJ’s event “Building Business The Lean Way - A Tech and Entrepreneurial Discussion” focusing on the Lean Methodology. Join the panelists, including Yashi’s VP of Engineering, Mark Paone, on Wednesday, June 22 to hear panelist stories, experiences involving lean, and entrepreneurship.

After listening to these tech experts talk you will have a better understanding of what Lean is, how you can leverage it to create a successful startup or improve your current business, as well as gain useful tech and entrepreneurial advice.

The Details

The panel will take place from 6:00 PM to 9:00 PM at Montclair State University in University Hall Room 1010. Parking can be found in the Red Hawk Parking Deck, and from there you can walk up University Promenade or behind Dickson Hall to get to University Hall.

The Panelists

Mark Paone, VP of Engineering, Yashi

A Jersey Shore native passionate about technology since childhood, Mark Paone has been involved in New Jersey's tech scene for nearly a decade. Directly out of high school, Paone started his first business venture with Unique Servers, a game server provider with locations across the US, Australia, and Europe. While running Unique Servers, Paone attended NJIT for Computer Science and graduated with honors. Shortly thereafter he joined the ranks of Yashi, an ad tech company from Toms River, as one of their first software engineers. Alongside a small team, Paone built up Yashi’s demand-side and supply-side platforms, leading to a $33M acquisition by Nexstar Broadcasting in 2015. Paone currently serves as Yashi's Vice President of Engineering, where he leads a team of developers in building out innovative new technology in the ad tech space.

Alex Britez - Director Of Innovation at Macmillan Learning

Alex Britez has a background in design, engineering and educational learning theory. As the Director of Digital Innovation at Macmillan Learning, he is leveraging his broad skill set and experience to help the organization accelerating it's learning, reduce risk and identifying opportunity. Part of this success has been through meticulously introducing a much more consumer centric approach to product development. Inspired by the Lean Startup movement, Design Thinking, and several other problem-solving frameworks, he has designed various tools to help create a process that is both flexible and repeatable. This has resulted in a positive shift in culture, where ideas are placed in front of customers quickly, and the learning loop starts almost immediately.

Clark Lagemann - Founding Partner Medpro Wellness

Clark is a seasoned entrepreneur who has become a mainstay in the New Jersey startup ecosystem.

He has excelled at multiple corporate positions as well as built several companies within the healthcare space. He’s a “get it done” guy, and is responsible for taking his current company from idea to profit within the first 18 months. When not improving patient health and wellness through products, he devotes his time to creating communities that support entrepreneurs, as well as mentoring dozens of technology startups throughout the region. Even with such a full plate, Clark has spent much of his “free” time in the last year training for the 140.6 mile IRONMAN competition, considered by many to be the most challenging endurance race in the world, and one for which he has raised thousands of dollars for the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation.

Anthony Frasier - The Phat Startup

Anthony Frasier is a digital strategist, tech entrepreneur, author, and public speaker. A Newark, NJ native, Anthony has a long history of mentoring and advising startups & community infrastructures, to solve real problems and build solutions. Anthony has been instrumental in bringing up a new generation of black & minority technology leaders. 

Frasier is formerly known for being one of the savvy founders of The Phat Startup, an integrated media company that produced resources for aspiring entrepreneurs. By leveraging Lean Startup methodology and drawing on the connections between entrepreneurship and hip hop, you can credit Frasier and his team for successfully creating the critically acclaimed Tech808 conference that featured some of the best minds in technology.

Jonathan Maxim - VeaLife

Jonathan brings unmatched entrepreneurial energy to every pursuit – thriving in competitive, agile environments and driven by passion, accountability, and measurable success. From working in a Fortune 50 company directing product launches, to taking a mobile fitness app to market starting from scratch, his experience spans the business landscape.

Vea Fitness is the only app to give you monetary rewards for crushing workouts, like “Run 2 Miles, Get 10% off at New Balance” . Using GPS tracking, Vea notifies you when you've achieved the reward, logs all your workouts automatically and provides a coupon code to use your discount.

We’d love to see you there!