Whether it’s sharing clips on social media, live streaming a conference or targeting audiences with pre-roll ads, video is utilized by advertisers of all sizes and verticals in their ad campaigns. The Wall Street Journal predicts that “video advertising on desktop devices alone is expected to grow 21% annually until 2019.” The meteoric rise is partially due to today’s technology and the infinite amount of video editing applications available. Advertisers no longer need an entire production team to incorporate video in their ad campaigns.

With relatively low price points, video editing apps empower anyone with a smartphone to piece together the story they want to tell. Simplistic editing techniques include layering music, graphics, text and taking out unwanted clips. Video editing apps are a cost effective solution for advertisers to learn the basics of video editing and share the story of their brand.

In my past life, I worked at Apple and have always been on the frontline of testing new apps. I enjoy comparing apps to some of my favorites to see what new features are rolling out and what suits my needs the best. I’ve had the opportunity to beta test some applications during the pre-release versions, and screening for bugs and discovering areas where there is room for improvement has been really exciting.

Since there are too many apps to comprehend, it can be tough to filter out the bad and avoid overlooking the good. When you’re trying to get your videos made as quickly as possible, it’s productivity-prohibitive to spend a lot of time evaluating. So, to save you some time and alleviate the headache, I’ve compiled a list of five easy-to-use, top rated editing apps for Android and iPhone. Check out the reviews below so you can begin editing videos like the pros without breaking the bank!


Replay was the top rated app in 2014 and continues to be widely used. The free iPhone app comes with 27 different video styles to choose from including spectacular effects and transitions, text editing options, music editing, video trimming tools to cut out those unwanted segments and the ability to save videos to your photo library or share instantly. If you’re looking for even more features, they have a number of different paid templates to choose from. Replay makes editing videos exciting and allows the user to customize and create outstanding works of art.


Video editors continually sift through the latest app releases and updates to discover the most valuable and beautifully designed apps to share with the world. This free Android app is a top contender on the Editors’ Choice selection and makes it easy to create, edit and publish video. One of the features that makes WeVideo so convenient is it’s cloud-based sharing capabilities. There’s a wide variety of over 20 different songs to choose from programmed into the app and also includes 720p video resolution capabilities. By expanding upon this app and the different subscription options, you can increase the video resolution output to 1080 HD and gain up to 100 songs to use when creating new projects.  The possibilities are endless and it’s nice to be able to increase performance from this app as you master the art of editing your videos. 


VivaVideo makes life easier with customizable themes that can be applied to any of your videos.  These themes have built-in animations, filters, and transitions which can help save time when creating new projects. This app incorporates all the elements needed to edit your video in an organized, fun and very simple to use platform. This app offers both a paid and free version which is great for anyone looking for a “test” without having to pay. This could win anyone over looking to step up their video editing game.


iMovie is a free app designed for all Apple guru’s. This app can be downloaded to any iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and/or Mac computer. This fantastic application allows users to start projects on their phones and pick up right where they left off when they get home and sit down in front of their computers. iMovie was designed with professional grade tools in mind, but portrayed in an easy enough visual to allow any individual to get comfortable quickly.


The fifth and final app worth grabbing on-the-go is Hyperlapse. Brought to you by the creators of Instagram, this app is a great addition to your video editing collection. Whether you’re posting private videos to your Instagram account or trying to up your brand’s social media game, this free app allows you to create smooth, beautiful looking time lapses without having to do any of the leg work. You know the kind of scenery video where the clouds move rapidly through the sky or cars are driving quickly through the streets to exuberate a substantial amount of movement in such a short clip? If you have been searching for a quick, fun, and seamless way of mimicking this type of video then look no further. The best side feature on this app is that it will stabilize all your videos in-app to eliminate the need to carry a tripod or any other expensive equipment!

One Step Further

Learning the editing process might take time, but since the world is moving towards video, it’s time well spent. Once you’ve established the simple steps to video editing, you can start adding tripods, camera stabilizers, and cool lenses to your bag-of-tricks. Most importantly, remember to have fun!

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