Reaching your ideal market is difficult, we’re here to help. Utilizing our precise location and behavior technology, we’ll identify the audience that resonates most with your brand. You’ll eliminate wasted ad dollars and dramatically increase ROI by only advertising to people who are interested in your message. Your campaign will include our unique targeting features and 100% transparency in reporting, down to domain and player size.


User Friendly

We can manage your campaigns with complete transparency and will work together every step of the way. Our platform provides an easy to use interface where advertisers can create, manage, monitor and optimize their campaigns from anywhere at any time. If you’d rather bring our DSP in-house and have your team handle it, our Self-Serve Platform makes it simple to log on and take advantage of advanced programmatic targeting capabilities on your own. Self-Serve customers will still enjoy access to all of Yashi’s existing features, including customized reports and inventory of over 40 billion ad opportunities per month.

Live Reporting

In a world that changes with the blink of an eye, you should be able to access metrics whenever you want, as often as you’d like. Our proprietary ICV map populates a signal wherever an impression lands. You can monitor each impression’s activity and even zoom in down to street level. No time for reading maps? Log in on your time to monitor all of your reports the old school way with charts and graphs.

Advanced Targeting

Place ads in front of the right person, in the right place, at the right time. We utilize cutting edge targeting features including environmental triggering, reverse zip code lookup, contextual and daypart targeting, and retargeting. We’re integrated with persistent data sets and more than 20 premium data providers, ensuring we have the most current and reliable segments to define your audience.

Our proprietary geofencing technology identifies geographic targets with extraordinary precision by location and ensures your ads are delivered where they resonate most.


TV & Digital

Successful advertising relies on frequency. When a commercial begins on television, Yashi knows to automatically trigger the same ad across digital screens within a three minute time frame in that DMA. Let us introduce you to our cutting edge technology:


Avoid complicated media planning with an all-in-one solution to efficiently deliver television and digital ads simultaneously


Regain ad views by targeting your desired audience - whether they’re watching TV, surfing the web on any device, or both


Access comprehensive and transparent analytics to measure campaign performance and optimize your budget

Watch Digital Mirror in Action

How It Works

  • 1
    Advertisement is added into a Digital Mirroring campaign on Yashi’s platform.
  • 2
    When a station triggers your television ad, your digital campaign serves simultaneously.
  • 3
    Watch your campaign performance online in real-time using Yashi’s platform.
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