Location Focused Advertising.


Yashi singularly focuses on programmatic video advertising with an emphasis on location focused targeting.

This allows advertisers to participate in the real-time video advertising revolution. Yashi operates a Demand-Side Platform that analyzes 40 billion impressions and delivers hundreds of millions of video ads every month. No more than a handful of companies in America have the technological firepower to offer this scale in the United States and none concentrate on location focused video.

Yashi has developed a unique technology stack that integrates location focused technology with real-time bidding that allows our customers to bid based on auction, site, device and user data. This allows customers to target communities across the United States very precisely where they live, work and play.





Demand Side Platform

Yashi’s platform processes tens of billions of ad impressions each month. You’re able to view and adjust your campaign analytics in real-time based on campaign performance.

You can plan, buy and measure your video campaigns across tens of thousands of websites on utilizing our Demand Side Platform (DSP). Our Platform provides you with complete control and 100% transparency. The Platform is a real-time bidding platform, which provides you deep analytics and insights right down to the domain level. You’re also able to target by audience segments through our more than 15 data partners, or contextually or by domain. Contact us to learn more.

Managed Services

Yashi provides managed services to its customers on an insertion order basis, which our staff optimizes and manages campaign performance for the customer. We deliver audience, contextual and domain targeting, and provide the same real-time bidding capabilities utilizing our proprietary DSP technology utilizing our in house advertising operations staff. Our staff will monitor the performance of a campaign to help ensure optimal performance and delivery for your campaign needs. With Yashi, you’re able to purchase video or display advertising, please Contact us today to learn more.




  1. Publishers

    Yashi has hundreds of publishers across thousands of websites with worldwide advertising campaigns from some of the biggest brands in the world! Yashi monetizes U.S. and international ad inventory to maximize publisher revenue. Yashi differentiates itself through its competitive bidding strategy that literally has thousands of advertisers all competing for each impression. Publishers can monitor their revenue performance using the Yashi real-time reporting console. Contact us to learn more.

  2. Trading Desks

    Our Platform user interface provides optimization and campaign analytics that allow you to quickly monitor and adjust your campaigns in real time for optimum performance. Our Platform is connected to all of the major video exchanges, which provides you with tens of billions of available ad impression opportunities across tens of thousands of websites. You're able to target audiences, content and websites directly, and we provide complete domain transparency and whitelisting and blacklisting capabilities as well. Contact us to learn more.

  3. Ad Agencies

    Yashi's platform provides you with complete control over pricing, targeting and performance. Our platform and technology has been developed with the principals of providing better impression quality, ad view ability, brand safety, fraud protection, ad prominence, impression delivery and audience quality. Our proprietary viewability algorithm monitors user activity, ad placements, engagement rates and more to help guard against objectionable content and behaviors. We're also integrated with third party verification services for further quality assurance. You're also provided with complete control to identify underperforming campaigns right down to the domain level and you're provided with the ability to pause or block individual domains at the campaign or account level that you find are underperforming or not acceptable to your standards. Contact us to learn more.

  4. Ad Networks

    Yashi was founded in 2007 with the mission to provide targeted and measurable advertising solutions through proprietary optimization methodologies. Over the years, we have developed relationships with hundreds of advertising networks to help them fulfill their campaign needs as an extension to their existing business. Today ad networks can login to our self-serve platform to expand their reach by accessing our 40 billion monthly video ad impressions across the tens of thousands of websites our platform has access to in real-time. You can purchase video in RTB or on an IO basis with Yashi, which allows you to improve your efficiency to increase revenue and profit. You are also provided with real-time campaign analytics in a single user interface across every major video ad exchange. Contact us to learn more.