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The Yashi Solution

Yashi has developed a unique technology stack that integrates location focused technology with real-time bidding that allows our customers to bid based on auction, site, device and user data. This allows customers to target communities across the United States very precisely where they live, work and play.

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We do

Location Focused Video

From display to pre-roll video, Yashi offers a solution for all of your digital advertising needs.

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We are integrated with many major data providers and all of the leading exchanges to deliver you unmatched results.


Show your ads to the people who are most likely to become customers.

Yashi’s retargeting capability makes it easy to show your ads to people who have already visited your site. With Yashi, you can stop wasting your ad dollars on people who aren’t in your target market.

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Our expert operations team is here to help you. From signing up to setting up a campaign to monitoring and optimizing results, we can help you to reach your ideal audience.

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The Story Behind the Mantra: We Will.


Take a moment to think about your favorite sport to play in high school. Now, think about your favorite coach. If you grew up with athletics, it’s probably safe to say that you turned to your coach for advice on everything good or bad in life, who then in return would make you run endless laps around the track field. However, whether you despised them for it or not, your coach was probably one of your biggest influencers. The best coaches demonstrate a non-stop belief in a player’s ability to overcome any obstacle. They inspire you to be better, even when the going gets tough. They push you through the endless pain, instilling in you a hunger to drive past competition and create something more for yourself. The legacy of a good coach stays with you long past your last season. Yashi President, Jay Gould, and Head of Channel Partnerships,…
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Celebrating Black History Month in the Tech Industry


As the recognition of Black History comes to a close this month, it’s with great respect and admiration that I share this blog. I am a lot of things - a blogger, sound engineer, screenwriter, video trafficker, excellent karaoke singer - but nothing makes me quite as proud as being Black. For me, it’s not the color of my skin that makes me proud. What makes me proud are the struggles and lives of people that came before me who share my complexion. From Rosa Parks to Martin Luther King, Jr., passionate Black Americans have paved the way for equality for all People of Color, and for that, I am truly grateful. However, even in 2015, adversity is still rampant for workers in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) industries, where a mere 5% of people are Black. As the saying goes, “you can’t be what you can’t see,” so…
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QUICK VIEW: The Keys to a Happy and Productive Office Environment
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The Keys to a Happy and Productive Office Environment


Traditionally speaking, “the office” is a phrase that conjures up images of suit-adorned, briefcase-carrying men and women with firm handshakes and stressed out faces. From our early years of schooling through higher education and beyond, we are constantly presented with this straight-laced impression of the professional world. Work and fun are treated as two clashing concepts that could never and should never be melded in the slightest. If you have any intention of running a successful business, you might just want to throw that old-fashioned rationale out the window, along with the stiff dress shirts, tight cubicles, and boring itineraries. Research studies show that happy employees are more productive and strive to work harder than their unfulfilled counterparts. This holds true for those employed at small startups and large corporations alike. According to data collected by Southeast Missouri State University professor, Erin Fluegge Woolf, “Workers who have a good time while…
QUICK VIEW: Implementing Mass Update and Mass Edit Buttons in Salesforce

Implementing Mass Update and Mass Edit Buttons in Salesforce


One of Salesforce.com’s largest advantages is its ability to be customized to match the needs of almost any corporation. The CRM platform has even developed Apex, its own coding language, allowing developers to have maximum control over the system. In certain cases, these platform customizations are crucial to the operations of the user, but not every system administrator has the programming knowledge to execute these changes. Luckily, there are a few tools that allow you to take advantage of the nuances of Salesforce, even without a degree in Computer Science. One way to do this is by using Applications available in the Salesforce AppExchange. The exchange contains applications developed by Salesforce, as well as ones developed by independent programmers who have made their product available to the public. Some apps are free, while others have a fee. As the Salesforce community continues grows, so does the AppExchange library for both…